Therapy Contractor Software

Therapy Contractor Software

-Software for Therapy Contractors doing PT, OT, and ST.

Our Therapy Contractor Software Will Make You Wonder How You Ever Got By Without It!

Our software was literally built by therapists, for therapists. We can't compare ourselves to other companies because there is simply no one out there that compares with us, and that is something that one of our customers have actually said, more than once. We have been a therapy contractor, and in home therapy company for years, and we still are. We understand your struggle, and the unique details of our business much more than any other company even dreams of. Here are just a few of the common problems we faced before we built this software:

Lost Notes

Endless Paper Stacks

Past Due Notes


Billing/Payroll Mistakes

Lack of Communication

Working After Hours

Slow Business Growth

No Time To Focus On Marketing

Overwhelming Paperwork

From these examples, you can see that we were once in the same boat as you, and the list goes on.

. We have taken what has been on the minds of many Therapy Contractor company’s heads, and turned it into a reality. We have had customers who have tried our competition, and they don't even want to put them into the same category as us when talking about it. You would have to buy 5 different pieces of software, and spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to even come close to our software, so rest assured, we are the industry leading software in this therapy staffing industry, bar none.

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Here at Therapy Contractor Software, we take pride in developing the best therapy contracting software possible.